We may love the hot weather, but it may not be good news for our teeth.

Naturally, some things should not change, irrespective of how hot or cold it is. Examples of what still should be maintained no matter the weather are brushing, flossing and visits to our Iowa Park dental clinic  for all our clients in Walters, Grandfield, Randlett in Oklahoma and Munday, Archer City, Scotland, Holliday, Seymour, Henrietta,  Electra, Vernon, Burkburnett and  Petrolia in Texas.

There are, perhaps, three key reasons why the hot weather can have a negative effect on our teeth and gums.

1/ Sugar

Although our sugar consumption, as a nation, is too high in general; a heatwave is likely to see an increasing amount consumed in the form of ice creams, lollipops and soft drinks. Despite water being both more thirst quenching and good for our health, too many people opt for high sugar carbonated drinks.

The very nature of these drinks means that they are sticky, and, therefore, the sugars in them are much more likely to stick to our teeth. A can of a popular carbonated drink can also have as much as between nine and ten teaspoons of sugar in them. Even those who like to drink their tea and coffee sweet would have to admit that this is a LOT of sugar to consume. Multiply this a few times over on a hot day and the amount of sugar consumed is very high indeed.

2/ Dehydration

Staying hydrated is important for your overall body health but is also important for your oral health. When your mouth is dry you don’t produce as much saliva. Saliva helps you chew, swallow and digest your food, but is also is a natural cleaner and keeps food from sticking to your teeth. Keep a bottle of water with you on hot days to keep your mouth moist.

Cold drinks and snacks,  like soda and beer, may feel refreshing during summer days but they contain high amounts or sugar. Even diet fizzy drinks contain acids which weaken your tooth enamel. Rinsing wit water in between sugary drinks can neutralize the acid and reduce the effects on your teeth

3/ Accidents

In a country more accustomed to grey skies, the first sign of hot weather is often cause for celebration, and perhaps rightly so. This will almost certainly involve the consumption of alcohol by some. This can have a negative effect on the teeth, not only due to its sugar content and dehydration effects, but also a heightened risk of accidents. We hope that all of our Iowa Park Dental patients are able to enjoy the hot weather safely, but, in the event of an accident, such as a broken or badly chipped tooth, we are able to offer dental care and out best services at the Iowa Park Dental clinic.

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