Since Dry Mouth is caused by many things, it should not be surprising that there are different ways to treat  it. If your physician or dentist can determine the cause of your oral dryness, he/she may be able to provide you with a specific cure. The trouble is, this is easier said than done.

Ask your dentist to teach you how to properly brush your teeth, and brush them after every meal.
Use dental floss daily.
Ask your dentist to teach you how to scrape or brush the surface of your tongue, and do this every day.
Use a fluoride toothpaste daily. In some cases, your dentist may prescribe the fabrication of a “mouth-guard”, like athletes wear. A fluoride gel is placed in these trays and they are worn for several minutes every night.
Decrease your intake of sugars and your snack frequency. Also, watch your intake of carbohydrates, like bread and pasta and cookies, etc. which tend to hang around in the mouth.

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